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improving the lives of people with brain injury

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The Oliver Zangwill Centre - a world leader in holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation

The Oliver Zangwill Centre has provided innovating neuropsychological rehabilitation since since we were founded in 1996 by Professor Barbara Wilson (OBE). We offer intensive rehabilitation programmes and also individual (“bespoke”) programmes. 

Our programmes are non-residential and clients commute to the centre from their homes or from local hotels or other accommodation. Most sessions are provided within our centre, but we also offer rehabilitation in clients’ homes and work environments. Our programmes are based on comprehensive assessments of clients’ needs and goals. We also monitor clients’ progress throughout our programmes and offer post-program review meetings for up to a year.

Find out more about how our clients experience rehabilitation at the Oliver Zangwill Centre by clicking here.

The intensive rehabilitation programme

We described our approach to intensive neuropsychological rehabilitation in the groundbreaking and influential book Neoropsychological rehabilitation (Wilson, et al., 2009). Our intensive programme offers a mixture of group and individual sessions and runs for 18 weeks, adapted to clients' needs. Each new group of around five clients go through the program together. Clients’ family, friends and carers are involved throughout the programme and are invited to attend family days.

The programme comprises an intensive and an integration phase. 

Intensive Phase (Weeks 1-5)

Clients attend the programme for four days a week. This phase establishes a safe therapeutic environment, develops clients’ understanding of their brain injury. Clients also learn strategies to overcome difficulties with attention and memory, executive functions (e.g. planning), communication and mood.  

Integration Phase (18 days of rehab)

Clients attend the programme for a further 18 days and focus on applying their strategies to their everyday lives. In this phase, we help clients to build their confidence and to strengthen their sense of identity.

Click here to find out more about a client’s typical day on our intensive programme.

Who will benefit from the intensive rehabilitation programme?

The intensive programme is designed to meet the needs of adults (16 years or older) with acquired brain injury who have difficulties in many areas of their lives. Cognitive, emotional and communication challenges prevent them from participating fully in their pre-injury lives. Our clients are:

  • Medically and psychiatrically stable
  • Able to participate in group and individual  sessions throughout the day
  • Independently mobile and able to use toilet facilities without physical assistance
  • Willing to engage in rehabilitation

Individual or "bespoke" programmes

Our individual or “bespoke” programmes meet the needs of clients who do not require or who cannot engage in our intensive programmes. Our individual programmes focus on specific rehabilitation goals such as

  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Couples and family work
  • Psychological therapy
  • Targeted cognitive rehabilitation
  • Carer and support worker training.




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