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2011 Publications

Ashworth, F. Gracey, F. Gilbert, P. Compassion Focussed Therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury: Theoretical Foundations and a Case Illustration. Brain Impairment, 12,2,128-139

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Martin-Saez, M., Deakins, J., Winson, R., Watson, P. and Wilson, B.A. (2011). A 10 year follow up of a paging service for people with memory and planning problems within a healthcare system: How do recent users differ from the original users? Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 21,6, 769-783

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Wilson B.A (in press) Rehabilitation of Memory Deficits. In M. Barnes & D.Good (eds) Handbook of Clinical Neurology Elsevier

2011 Conference Proceedings

Badham, R., Greening, K., Simblett, S., Adlam, A., Bateman.A. (2011). Evaluation of Carer Responses to the Independent Rater Version of the Dysexecutive (DEX) Questionnaire Using Rasch Analysis. Society for Research in Rehabilitation, February, Cardiff. (in press, Clinical Rehabilitation)

Greening, K., Bateman, A., Badham, R., Simblett, S., Edison E., Adlam, A. (2011) Evaluation of the Modified Carer Strain Index (mCSI) using Rasch Analysis and Factor Analysis in a Sample of Carers of Adults with Aquired Brain Injury. Society for Research in Rehabilitation, February, Cardiff. (in press, Clinical Rehabilitation)

A Bajo, S Potter, A Bateman, F Lazaro & S Fleminger (2011) Measurement of outcome in cognitive behavioural rehabilitation services: HoNOS-ABI & FIMFAM-UK sensitivity to change and lessons from HoNOS Rasch analysis. The British Neuropsychiatry Association, February, London



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