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2010 Publications - Papers

Simblett, Sara K. and Bateman, Andrew (2010) 'Dimensions of the Dysexecutive Questionnaire (DEX) Examined using Rasch Analysis', Neuropsychological Rehabilitation,, First published on: 21 December 2010 (iFirst) To link to this Article: DOI: 10.1080/09602011.2010.531216 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09602011.2010.531216

Caracuel, A., Bateman, A., Teasdale, T.W, Verdejo-Garcia, A., and Miguel Perez-Garcia, M. (2010) Spanish, French and British Cross Cultural Validation of the EBIQ brain Injury Questionnaire. (now published in Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 2011) an earlier version as Chapter 6 of Caracuel's PhD dissertation - http://hera.ugr.es/tesisugr/18886930.pdf

Brindley, R., Bateman, A., Gracey, F. (2010) Exploration of use of SenseCam to support autobiogrraphical memory retrieval within a cognitive behavioural therapeutic intervention following acquired brain injury. Memory. available via iFirst www.informaworld.com , volume information to follow.

Fish J, Wilson B.A & Manly T (2010) The assessment and rehabilitation of prospective memory problems in people with neurological disorders: a review Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 20 161-179

Kapur N & Wilson B.A Aiming for excellence as an applied psychologist (2010) The Psychologist 23 36-39

Ownsworth, T and Gracey, F (2010) Adjustment. In JH Stone and M Blouin (Eds) International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation (available online) Wilson B.A., Brain damage & recovery In L.Nadel & M.Corballis (eds) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Neuroscience Wiley & Son (Published on line December 2009)

2010 Conference Proceedings

*Wilson, B.A.(2010) 'It is not just the kind of head injury but the kind of head': Factors Influencing Recovery from traumatic Brain Injury. Brain Impairment 11,2,198

*Bateman, A. and Simblett S (2010) Assessing Change in Executive Functioning Using a Rasch Modelling Approach. Brain Impairment 11,2,198

*Wilson, B.A., Hinchcliffe, A. and Florschutz, G. (2010) Neuropsychological Assessment of the Locked-in-Syndrome: Challenges, Consequences and Cognitive Functioning Brain Impairment 11,2,203

*Simblett, S. and Bateman, A. (2010) Dimensions of the Dysexecutive Questionnaire (DEX) examined Using Rasch Analysis. Brain Impairment 11,2,204

*Hardy, G., Gracey, F., Bateman, A., Evans, J., Fish, J., Greenfield, E., Ingham, J., Malley, D., Manly, T., and Wilson, B.A. (2010) A Case Study on the Effects of Content-Free and Goal Management training on Day-to-Day Psychological and Cognitive Functioning. Brain Impairment 11,2,212

*Yeates, G., Creamer, N., Mahadevan, M., Whitehouse-Hart, J., Gracey, F., Bateman, A., Phillips, L. and Dunn, B. Social Cognition, So What? Predicotrs of Intimacy and Adjustment in Couples' Relationships Following Acquired Brain Injury.Brain Impairment 11,2,223

*Caracuel, A., Bateman, A. and Teasdale, T. Validity of the European Brain injury Questionnaire (EBIQ) subscales. Brain Impairment 11,2,226

*Covre, P., Ford, C., Bueno, O. F.A., and Bateman, A. The Use of Feedback for Time Perception Deficit Compensation: A Single-Subject Experimental Design. Brain Impairment 11,2,234

*Gracey, F., Brindley, R. and Bateman, A. Mnemonic Enhancement of Cognitive Behavioural Therapsy: A Single Case and Conceptual Considerations for Therapy Adaptation After Brain Injury. Brain Impairment 11,2,243

* These are Abstracts of the 7th Symposium on Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the World Federation of NeuroRehabilitation July 5-6, Krakow.

Other 2010 Conferences

Wilson, B.A., Gracey, F.G. and Bateman, A. (2010) Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Theory, Therapy and Outcomes. Symposium, 24 March 2010. Symposium at 6th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, Vienna.

Wilson, B.A., Malec, J. Tate, R., and Hart, T. (2010) New Methodologies in Evaluating Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Symposium, 25 March 2010. Symposium at 6th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, Vienna.

Bateman, A (2010) Neuropsychology of Stroke. Thursday 18th March, East of England Stroke Forum Annual Conference, Tattersalls Park Paddocks, Newmarket



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