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2007 Publications

Palmer, S. & Kneebone, I. (2007) An investigation of day hospital outcome measures. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 4 (8) 372 - 377

Fish, J., Evans, J.J., Nimmo, M., Martin, E., Kersel, D., Bateman, A., Wilson, B.A. & Manly, T. Rehabilitation of executive dysfunction following brain injury: "Content-free cueing" improves everyday prospective memory performance. Neuropsychologia 2007 45(6): 1318-1330

Fish,J., Manly,T, Emslie, H.C., Evans, J.J., and Wilson, B.A. (2007) Compensatory strategies for acquired disorders of memory and planning: Differential effects of a paging system for patients with brain injury of traumatic versus cerebrovascular aetiology. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry, Nov 2007; doi:10.1136/jnnp.2007.125203

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Berry E, Kapur N, Williams L, Hodges S, Watson P, Smyth G, Srinivasan J, Smith R, Wilson B.A, & Wood K The use of a wearable camera, SenseCam, as a pictorial diary to improve autobiographical memory in a patient with limbic encephalitis: a preliminary report Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 17 582-601

Sopena, S, Dewar, B-K, Nannery, R, Teasdale, T.W, and Wilson, B.A.(2007) The European Brain Injury Questionnaire (EBIQ) as a reliable outcome measure for use with people with brain injury Brain Injury 21 1063-68

*Wilson, B.A. (2007). Neurological problems: Treatment and rehabilitation. In G Powell (Ed.), Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology pp 777-800. Routledge,.

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*Taub, A. ; Wilson, B.A. ; Gouvia, P. ; Boschetti, W. . Avaliação e reabilitação do paciente vítima de traumatismo crânio-encefálico. In: Julia Greve. (Ed.). Tratado de Medicina de Reabilitacao. São Paulo: Editora Roca, 2007, v. , p. 744-753.

Yeates, G. et al. (2007). Avoiding the skull seduction in post-acute acquired brain injury (ABI) services:Individualist invitations and systemic responses. Clinical Psychology Forum

Yeates, G., Henwood, K.,Gracey, F., and Evans, J. (2007).Awareness of disability after acquired brain injury and the family context. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation,17, Number 2 / February 2007, Pages: 151-173. http://www.neuropsychologyarena.com/journals/browse.asp?issn=0960-2011

Gracey,F. Oldham, P., Kritzinger, R. (2007) Finding out if "The ‘me’ will shut down": Successful cognitive-behavioural therapy of seizure-related panic symptoms following subarachnoid haemorrhage: A single case report. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation,Volume 17, Number 1 / January 2007 Pages: 106 - 119

Bateman, A. An holistic Rehabiliation perspective on mild traumatic brain injury. The Mild Brain Injury Debate. Northampton 13 November 2007

2007 Conferences

We presented a number of papers at the 4th Satellite Symposium on Neuropsychological Rehabilitation [http://www.koenigundmueller.de/sebastian07.htm] in conjunction with the Inaugural meeting of The Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR).Sala Andia Kutxa, San Sebastian (Donostia) Spain 09.07. - 10.07.2007. The abstracts are publihsed in Brain Impairment

Opening Address B A Wilson Formation of the Special Interest Group in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

S. Sopeña, R. Rous, B.A. Wilson Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: What is it all About?

Bateman, E. Greenfield, J. Evans, B.A.Wilson Development of a Questionnaire to Assess Experience of Divided Attention Difficulties: Insights Gained from Rasch Analysis

E. Greenfield, R. Nannery, B.A. Wilson You Learn Something New Every Day - or do You?

Prince, L and OZC team (poster) Rehabilitation of Social Cognition Disorders: A Discussion Paper on Developments in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

We were also represented at The International Neuropsychology Society meeting in Bilbao:

J.J. EVANS, B.A. WILSON, A. CALDER & A. BATEMAN. The Frequency and Nature of Deficits in Facial Emotion Perception After Brain Injury. http://the-ins.org/documents/Abstracts.pdf

J.J. EVANS, E. GREENFIELD & B.A. WILSON. Improving Cognitive-Motor Dual Tasking After Brain Injury. http://the-ins.org/documents/Abstracts.pdf

B.L. DEWAR, K. PATTERSON, K.S. GRAHAM & B.A. WILSON.Reacquisition of person knowledge in semantic memory disorders.http://the-ins.org/documents/Abstracts.pdf

B. WILSON. The Man Who Believes He Has Been Unconscious Or Dead For Twenty Years. http://the-ins.org/documents/Abstracts.pdf

Other conferences

Gracey, F. Rous, B., Yeates, G., Turnbull, O. and Bowman, C. (2007) Changes in emotion based decision making following brain injury and clinical implications. Paper presented at BABCP conference, symposium on The Role of the Body in Mood Disorders and Brain Injury. University of Sussex, September 2007.

Gracey, F (2007) Understanding and working with identity change following brain injury: from 'unimagineable lands' to meaningful social identity. Workshop presented at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust conference, Leeds, 27-28 September 2007.



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