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NeuroPage for prompting purposeful activity

The case below illustrates how NeuroPage can help people to engage in purposeful activity. 

Ruth, who is in her sixties, has been using NeuroPage for approximately 8 years. She is a bright lady with good memory skills. Her brain injury, a type of stroke, affected her ability to act upon her intentions and organise her behaviour. This meant that she was very easily distracted, and found it difficult to complete all of her daily tasks in a timely manner.

Before she used NeuroPage, she would forget to take her medication if not reminded by another person, and she would spend a very long time engaged in her morning and evening routines – up to five hours in the morning, and 1.5 hours in the evening. This had a big impact on Jane and her husband, as it meant that there was little time remaining for more enjoyable activities such as volunteering, going on day trips, and seeing friends. With the NeuroPage to prompt Jane to move on to the next task, the amount of time she spent in her morning and evening routines reduced dramatically, and she remembered to take her medication 100% of the time.  Using NeuroPage increased Ruth’s independence lead to a significant improvement in the couple’s quality of life.

This case study is summarised from the following paper:

Fish, J.E., Manly, T., & Wilson, B.A. (2008). Long-term compensatory treatment of organizational deficits in a patient with bilateral frontal lobe damage. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 14, 154-163.




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