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improving the lives of people with brain injury

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A day in the life of a client on our intensive rehabilitation programme

10am: Community meeting: Staff and clients meet to share out tasks and to discuss an item of interest about news items, hobbies or any other interesting topics. This gives us a chance to work on presentation skills and to use some of the strategies we've learned.


We have a timetable for the week, and during the morning we will be involved in group sessions working on the following topics:
  • Week 1 - Introduction to rehabilitation at the OZCon day 1followed by Understanding Brain Injury
  • Week 2 - Attention & Memory
  • Week 3 - Executive Functions
  • Week 4 - Communication
  • Week 5 - Mood

The afternoon is spent in individual sessions with therapists, where we will work on our own personal goals for rehabilitation. 

Fatigue is often a big issue for people with brain injury. To help with this, our schedule includes plenty of breaks throughout the day. There is a quiet room with a sofa for rest/sleep and plenty of open spaces to walk in the fresh air.  This is a great opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise, and he can always provide a listening ear if we need to express our feelings!


There are recreational facilities around the centre, including a pool table, and opportunities for gardening. 


We also have a therapy kitchen, which can help with rehabilitation work on the organisational and planning aspects of cooking, such as in following a recipe and preparing a meal. The staff are also rather partial to cakes, so they are happy when we bake! If we prefer to buy some local food, we can get it from the Docky Box. 


During the afternoon we have individual sessions with the therapists. This is a chance for us to discuss and work towards our goals for the rehabilitation programme. For some of us it may be returning to work or voluntary placements, for others it may be to come away with strategies to aid our memory problems. This is where the multi disciplinary team help us, they work as a team and discuss our goals across the board so they are all working towards a common goal.

 We are also able to access the local gym on a reduced cost basis. This can be a great opportunity for clients staying over in Ely during their programme to practise some of their newly learnt strategies.



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