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improving the lives of people with brain injury

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What is NeuroPage®?

Neuropage was one of the first messaging systems to aid clients with cognitive difficulties. Neuropage is a reminder system for clients with memory and other cognitive problems. It was developed by the father of a young man who suffered a brain injury and the young man’s neuropsychologist. It has been extensively researched and developed through the years and offers a reliable, evidence-based reminder system. 

How does NeuroPage® work?

The client or a relative/carer provides a list of reminders that are entered on a secure computer system at the Oliver Zangwill Centre in Ely. The NeuroPage system then sends out messages to clients' pagers or mobile devices at the correct times, day or night. Our experienced team of clinicians can help clients and their relatives/carers to tailor messages sent by NeuroPage to the clients' needs. Reminders can be for one-off events or for recurring events. Many clients have reminders for the following: 

  • Medication reminders
  • Orientation (to day, time etc.)
  • Everyday activities (Eating, washing, tasks etc.)
  • Appointments
  • Social events
  • Family responsibilities
  • Finances

How can NeuroPage® help? 

Research has shown that NeuroPage can benefit people in many ways. Its use leads to increased independence and reduced strain on carers and family relationships. Clients who use NeuroPage are more likely to complete tasks and to tale their medication as prescribed. NeuroPage also reduces missed appointments and can help clients to establish routines. Click the items below for more information and case examples. 

Neuropage was evaluated in this peer reviewed journal article in JNNP. Headway has also published guides referring to Neuropage. 

Prof Barbara Wilson and Linda Clare's book Coping with memory problems includes a section on memory aids such as NeuroPage. 

How is NeuroPage® funded?

NeuroPage is an affordable system. Our clients agree that the system offers value for money since very few alternatives offer the reliability, flexibility and expertise that NeuroPage can offer. Usually, the professional who refers clients to the NeuroPage service organises funding for the service, which can be from any of the following sources:

  • Social services or Health services
  • Insurance firms
  • Private charities
  • Self-funding by the client or their family

Find out more about NeuroPage® 

Please contact us on ccs.neuropage@nhs.net for any enquiries about our NeuroPage service. We offer a straightforward referral system for prospective clients wishing to benefit from this service.


NeuroPage - A simple, effective and evidence-based system for helping people with memory problems.




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