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Supporting your children. Observing social distancing guidelines presents challenges to both parents and children. Young children may not understand the reasons for having to stay home or indoors. Older children may understand the reasons but may struggle to follow the rules.

Similarly to their parents, children may miss the interaction with their friends, the daily routines at nursery and school, and participating in sport and other hobbies. The added demand of home schooling places pressure on parents who may have to work at the same time as caring for their children. Children have to adjust to a parent taking more of a role in their education.  This can be tricky!

There are a few useful websites that provide ideas for how to manage these challenges.

Talking to your children about  COVID-19

Emotional support for children

Online educational resources

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone in experiencing the challenges of parenting in lockdown and you do not have to be perfect.  Many other parents are experiencing the same challenges.  Setting up a regular time to share challenges or helpful ideas on the phone or virtually meet-up might help to manage the stress.

This extraordinary time we are living through will end, and be remembered by our children. Even if home-schooling is not perfect, and everyone gets grumpy sometimes, what will be remembered is the experience of being with your family 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Lets try to make it as positive and experience as possible for everyone




Although we take every care only to provide the very best resources to our clients and families, we cannot take any responsibility for any difficulties stemming from the use of any of the websites, materials, apps, software etc. offered by third parties. Sometimes links or resources become dated and although we do our best to keep checking that information on these pages are accurate and up to date, we rely on our clients and families to: 

- Let us know if anything is out of date or unhelpful

- Make us aware of additional resources not yet listed here

Please therefore feel free to get in touch via our contact form (see bottom of page) to let us know more about any other resources clients and families like you may benefit from. 




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