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improving the lives of people with brain injury

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Supporting Clients and Families

Following guidance from NHS England in response to the current pandemic of Covid-19, services have been classified according to certain criteria to enable the most critically ill people to be treated in hospital.  This has led to some clinical services offering different kinds of contact, or being temporarily suspended, such as The Oliver Zangwill Centre, to enable staff to be deployed to areas currently considered as essential.

During the period of temporary suspension of our service, the team have created a list of some of the available resources that may provide helpful information.  We hope you find this useful, and look forward to resuming normal services in due course.
Always follow advice from the UK government in the first instance and please check for updates regularly as knowledge and advice is being updated frequently.  


Keep in mind when using apps...

Many apps claim to help people with "brain training" without having any solid evidence base for these claims. Our stance on this is that you are welcome to use such apps, but we would caution against expecting changes in other areas of your life by using these apps.

Please try an app first before you buy it. Many apps offer extensions if you pay for them, but you could still benefit from free apps or free trial features provided by these apps.

Only install software / apps from reputable sources and rely on official providers like the GOOGLE PLAY store or the APPLE APP STORE.

General Apps for Acquired Barin Injury (ABI) / Stroke

The NHS has created a list of many different apps that can be helpful to clients with ABI. Click HERE to explore these apps and other resources.



Although we take every care only to provide the very best resources to our clients and families, we cannot take any responsibility for any difficulties stemming from the use of any of the websites, materials, apps, software etc. offered by third parties. Sometimes links or resources become dated and although we do our best to keep checking that information on these pages are accurate and up to date, we rely on our clients and families to: 

- Let us know if anything is out of date or unhelpful

- Make us aware of additional resources not yet listed here

Please therefore feel free to get in touch via our contact form (see bottom of page) to let us know more about any other resources clients and families like you may benefit from. 




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