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Rehabilitation aims to get you back to doing things that are meaningful to you. This will help you feel that you're living, not just surviving. Here are some top tips:

Be kind to yourself and others!

  • Take one day at a time. It is okay not to feel okay. Don't beat yourself up.
  • When you have a ‘wobbly day’ STOP, take a breath. Ask: "What can I do right now to take care of myself?".  
  • Stay in touch with others - they may be struggling too!
  • Have a routine and stick to it!

Be patient and practice

  • Rehab takes time.
  • Everything you do is a learning opportunity.
  • Just like getting fit, practice will eventually make an impact.

Using strategies is not cheating!

  • If your memory is affected, write things down on a whiteboard or diary.
  • Use checklists or reminders on your phone.
  • Using strategies and workarounds is part of recovering and won't slow things down. 

Maintain a structure, to your week and remember to include fun!

  • It's important to have a balance of different activities throughout the day.
  • Doing things we have to do (e.g. eat, sleep, shop, etc.)
  • Doing things we want to do (rehabilitation, leisure, etc.)
  • Making time for fun and relaxation. 

Set small achievable goals. 

  • Break down larger aims (like going back to work) into small, manageable targets.  
  • Achieving these targets (and recording them somewhere) will help you keep going even when things get tough.
  • Someties this means doing things you've already done, maybe doing them quicker, or using prompts if needed. 



Although we take every care only to provide the very best resources to our clients and families, we cannot take any responsibility for any difficulties stemming from the use of any of the websites, materials, apps, software etc. offered by third parties. Sometimes links or resources become dated and although we do our best to keep checking that information on these pages are accurate and up to date, we rely on our clients and families to: 

- Let us know if anything is out of date or unhelpful

- Make us aware of additional resources not yet listed here

Please therefore feel free to get in touch via our contact form (see bottom of page) to let us know more about any other resources clients and families like you may benefit from. 




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